This is where it All starts! The rig that Snider built. I'm just the Medic.


Me & The Boss

This shot was taken by Mike Portnoy during the middle of the show. Whenever John has a break in the action I always go over and see how he's doin', and make sure that he's O.K.

 What a bunch of

Here we are,
 the Band and crew on
Our final day of the
 1st Euro leg of 2000.

From the top you have
 Jose(drums),Mike Portnoy,
 Steve(lights),Jordan Rudess,
James Labrie,Bill(tour mgr),
JP, Adrian(monitors),
Tommo(chef),Jerry(foh engineer),
John Myung,Maddi(bass/keys),
 Weasel(guitars), Hardy(sound),
 and Ted(lights).

Weasel Simpson, Bart's evil twin makes a special guest apperance for "A Change of Seasons" at Hammersmith Odeon in London, England
To gain access
to the Official
 Dream Theater
just show this pass.

Don't worry, there's no security, anyway, people get in all the time!

 This way to Dream Theater


I'm still working on some more stuff for this page.
Some more photos, maybe some of John's guitars, etc.
Check back from time to time and see the progress.

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