In November of 1999 I was lucky enough to get the call to work with The Who for 2 shows at the House of Blues in Chicago. Ian Day, our Production Manager with Judas Priest called and asked if I was doin' anything and wondered(???) if I wanted to do some shows with The Who. WONDERED???? Ahhhh, Let me think about it.....

I was to take care of John Entwistle while Andy Fields was in Japan doing Eric Clapton. I flew into Chicago, had 2 days of rehearsals and the 2 shows.

Needless to say it was one of those gigs of a lifetime! Totally Unbelievable!!! Entwistle was the coolest and completely Awesome. We had a great time together.

With John's passing, I'm sorry that I won't have the opportunity to work with him again, but will always cherish the memory of that short time spent with the Greatest Bassist of all time. I will miss you John!


We rehearsed for 2 days at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Here's the guys on day 1. The funniest thing that happened that day was when Townsend came over to me and said " Hi..my name's Pete", I felt like saying "Yea, like No Shit!!!", like I wouldn't know WHO Pete Townsend IS ???!!!!

I said "my name's Weasel" , Pete says "We have one of those...His name is Ent-weasel!". Then "Cy", Entwistle's assistant introduces me to John, "This is Weasel, your new Bass Tech." , to which John replies " we should get on just fine because I'm a Ent-weasel". Then later still Daltry..."Weasel?,huh, well we've got a Ent-weasel!"

These guys are the GREATEST! It was So COOL!


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